Evacuation Diagram is compulsory

Evacuation Diagrams  for all workplace or activity centres are compulsory under Australian Standard AS3745-2010 in all states and territories of Australia.

So what must be met to comply with Australian Standard AS3745-2010?

A key component of AS 3745-2010 is the provision of evacuation diagrams. These diagrams are intended to provide emergency and evacuation information for occupants and visitors. They should contain concise, clear and appropriate detail to inform occupants and visitors in an emergency.

Are you able to create your own Evacuation Diagrams?

The answer is yes as long as you comply with AS3745-2010. To make sure that you comply with the standard it is easier to contact a fire and safety consultant. One that is recommended is CMG Fire and Safety Services. They are Perth, Western Australian based company and have good feedback from their customers and their price is very competitive.

The key requirements for evacuations diagrams are:

  1. Location

Should be displayed where it is easy for occupants and visitors to view

  1. Position

Evacuation Diagrams should be position at a certain height.

  1. Orientation

The orientation and directions of the diagrams should be correct.

  1. Minimum Elements

Minimum elements that need to be included such as: designated exits, fire fighting equipment, the location of the Evacuation Diagram installed which is the ‘You are Here’ location

  1. Optional Information

Any other information is optional. it can be additional emergency information and equipment

  1. Size

The minimum size is an A4.

  1. Symbols

There are examples in AS 3745-210 of symbols that can be used but it is only for guidance.

We will go through these important points a bit deeper in the next article.